Army of Swastika

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Russ, wake up!

Get up, awake, holy Russ,
Rise from the ashes of centuries!
Thunder of rage will roar above you,
And let the weight of enemy’s fetter will be down.

Wake up, sacred Russ, and straighten shoulders,
It’s enough to suffer greatest oppression!
And cruel punishment waits for those
Who have drunken the blood of your sons for a century.

Mighty people rises for the battle,
Anger burns in it.
The battle is for our soil and blood,
And we’re fortuned to win.

Let the dawn shine above the lines of brave men,
Who remember the legacy of fathers,
And millions of hands will rise up to the sky,
Hailing the new dawn.

We bravely march, group after group,
The shield for Motherland is reliable.
Runes of victory burn in our hearts,
The sign of sun flies on banners.

There will be no remorse, the revenge will be cruel,
Hand won’t tremble in a fight.
And white power of the warriors of light
Will help to crush the enemy.

Mother Russ calls us for defense,
Rise from the knees, Homeland!
In the fight for the freedom of Native land
We’ll go it’ll rise.

Disturbing alarm sounds across the land,
Native land, wake up!
And the voice of brave warriors roars:
”Wake up, our Russ, wake up!”

Tomorrow belong to us

Born in flames of battles and fights,
We are the youth, which is firm and strong.
And, bravely marching on, we knot that
Tomorrow belong to us.

Lines of warriors, yang and brave,
Stand line to line like a steel wall.
Ready to fight for the right cause,
Tomorrow belong to us.

We honour the sacred memory of fallen heroes,
Of those, who gave their lives in the fight for truth,
Won’t ever forgive their spilled blood,
Tomorrow belong to us.

Rest in peace, fallen comrades,
We’ll revenge to enemies for you.
The victory comes, your death wasn’t vain,
Tomorrow belong to us.

Look, how the youth rises for battle,
We follow the steps of heroic ancestors.
We know the meanness and cowardice,
Tomorrow belong to us.

Confidently we looking the future,
And we’ll do what was prescribed us,
Spirit of young warriors tempered stronger than steel.
Tomorrow belong to us.

We give the oath on the sacred banner:
“To give life for nation, faith, land!”
And thousands lips repeat this oath,
Tomorrow belong to us.

There’s a proud song of our blood in our hearts,
And the call flies through our lines:
“We’re here, we’re ready to do a new feat,
Tomorrow belong to us!”

Sons of Thule

Oh, great ancient land Thule,
Sacred Nordland.
Thousands of years ago
We came from your icy soil.

Oh, great ancient land Thule,
Frozen northern land
Born by you, we started our walk
From snowy mountains and fields.

Conquerors go forward,
Fearless sons of cold.
Strong will and clear mind,
Muscles are strong as steel.

Blue eyes and white, as snow, skin
We’re race of new gods.
Born to clear from the disease
Land beneath the sun.

We stand in a row and walk on, following eternal laws,
We’re warrior’s brotherhoods of Nordic men.
We’re friendship of folk fastened by the oath.
The hardships of our route make us only stronger.

New era of sons of Thule of cleaning is coming!

We walk by the road that leads for far future
And we step with belief that we are become not simple grandsons
Who’re lucky to do more
But to become ancestors of future generations
Which keep the eternal life of our people.

Let enemies triumph yet their death near,
The punishment comes, time of cleaning is near.
Our new era,
New ages of sons of Thule.

Heil Dazhbog!

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Folk and Race

(Under constructions...)

Blood, Soil, Loyalty and Honour

Our honour loyalty to folk
And the oath about loyalty to the land.
We shall not betray the given oath,
Saving the proud spirit inside ourselves.

Blood and honour above all!
Blood and honour voice of ancestors calling!
Honour and loyalty our battle-cry,
Gods are with us, the folk is for us!

Blood and soil the heritage of ancestors
Should be saved for ancestors.
And enemies, encroaching on that,
Will be crushed by our iron fist!

Blood and honour, and native land
Be ready to protest always.
No matter how hard is the fight
Enemy can’t ever break us!

Sacred blood flows in our veins,
And our duty is to keep in pure.
There’s burning fire in our souls
It’s an honor and a pride to serve to the folk.

Blood and honour power and strength,
Blood and honour triumph of warrior’s will.
We’ll save race from the death,
We’ll stand for the land of fathers!

Blood and honour above all!
Blood and honour voice of ancestors calling!
Honour and loyalty our battle-cry,
Gods are with us, the folk is for us!