Fire in the Night

Darkness has embraced the Universe again,
But in the dead of night
Fire made by soothsayers is burning…
Again the sacred fire is burning –
This is our centuries – old symbol.
It is shining like a sun in the deep wood.
I see falcon, a bird of Eerie – Rarog is flying to us,
It means that our God of fire – Semargl will take our sacrifice.
The sacred fire is burning again,
As long ago I’m making hard my sword and axe to start true war!
My forehead is shined with the reflections of this flame,
I will mark my shield with the ancient sign –
This is cross of Swastika
This is symbol of my Gods
This is might of my heathen land
This is my fathers’ faith!

After many hundred of years this sign is with us again.
Battle way, which our people will go is lightened by it.
Like clearing fire we’ll pass through the expanse of my land –
Creeds and aliens well be drowned in their own blood.
And we’ll hymn our old ancient Gods,
We’ll abide by the law of Pray
As we were taught by old soothsayers.
We’ll make a sacrifice
and the smoke of the sacred fire will reach Swarga…
Fire cross is on the flag –
It’s the sign of the union of the Aryan kin’s.
This ensign with the symbol of Belief and Truth
Will be hoisted by my mighty people,
And with the help of our Glorious Gods
We’ll take another field!

Sign of Wolf

Look around – steps on the snow
Of your brothers’ bloody claws…
Where do beast’s steps lead –
To the den of Nav, to the borrow of darkness.
Come to us, become a wolf,
Sharpen your claws – prepare the weapon.
Catch our howl from pagan woods,
Voice of revenge, scream of malice,
Be a beast, as your forefather did,
Bare your teeth, put on sign of wolf!

Get out of slavery, throw off the yoke,
Let the weak be seized with panic
Bring hatred – defend the Race…
Our souls are marked with the sign of wolf
And symbol of the kin again
Your soul is marked with them again, too!

With the sign of wolf during the night wild hunting –
Our way towards cruel revenge, towards sacred war.
Moonlight calls us to be a wolfs again –
Look, our eyes are burning in the night.
We are walking the thicket feeling the bloodsmell –
Children of the forest in the wolfskin looking for the victims.
We bring horror to the souls of herd.

Song of Glory

A prophetic bird came to us
And lightened the night with its golden feather,
It sat on a tree and began to sing a song
About severe battles of the former centuries.
It sang the true song about Russ.
Saint Svarog gave a precept to father Arij, our ancestor, -
We are God's children and we will win.
We will trample on enemies so that to preserve Russ.
Descendant, hear our song of Glory,
Remember Russ that is ours forever.
Remember about our fathers who were fighting with enemies,
How many times we took swords and enemies retreated
Because the leaders of the Aryans were strong!
And thunder was heard in the Blue Svarga-
Those were we, like falcons attacking enemies
With swords not feathers.
Dazhbog led our soldiers and cavalery
And sorcerers did miracles-
Stood up to the sky
And killed the enemies,
Mother Sva came to help
And killed the enemies with the wings.
Perunica flew up to the sky,
And carried the Horn of Glory
That was given to those who were worth it-
And we drank everything that was in the horn.
The same day we brought a sacrifice to our Gods-
The sacrifice was the enemies.
We could have died in those severe battles
If we had not been that united!
Thank God and Our motherland-Russ!
Do not abdicate it and do not forget it,
The fathers fought for it.
Let's get closer- tribe to tribe, clan to clan,
Let's save our strength for the battle,
We may die here but we will not retreat
so that to preserve our Motherland!
Nowadays there are many other peoples
coming to our land,
We do not have to be peaceful,
And we do not have to ask for help,
Because it is in our muscles
And in the ends of our swords,
We will kill enemies with them!

Call of Mother Nature

In the silence of the cold night
I’ve heard tearful voice…
That eerie call full of pain
Was brought to me by wanderer wind
From endless dark forests…
Rain, like someone’s cry of trouble
Continues to fall from the sky,
It’s sound like someone’s voice calls me again to go
I walk the thicket of the forest
Hearing that sound in the rustle of leaves
Looking for the thing which calls me
To know what everything is crying
By the unbeaten track
Into the heart of the leafy grove I rush
There’s no more energy.
I lower myself at the foot of the trees
The forest embraces me to understand whose
Endless call my mind heard
Me to know the Knowledge…
Roots, grasses, branches, leaves
Are sprouting through the body
And impaling my chest and hands
Now – I’m a part of forest.
Part of Nature, what I must be.
What I’ve been in the ancient epoch
Nine endless nights days I’ve been lying
Shrouded in branches
Learning the mysteries of forest
Hearing the cherished voice
Nine endless nights of torment –
Wisdom comes with the pain
And with it comes the insight
Into the shrouded lives aspects
And the wild Nature’s voices…

And again our Mother Natures
Calling us, her children, who forgot
The forest’s twilight.
We are called to the shade of the trees
To the wild beauty, which hides
The Ancient Mystery of the Universe.
Again Mother Nature is fascinating and luring
Awaking sleeping mind to be a Superman.
Proud, masterful son of the Forest
Who received the law of ages…

Many people are already
Only burden for the Nature
Stupid rabble which will give up to her.
In cruel fight there will be help from
All those who’s heard that mystic
Call, who’s learned the ancient
Knowledge, new Gods! The Supermen,
Those who were a part of the forest…
… Revenge day is coming!