Hymns of Dark Forests

Vampires' Castle

There exist the legend from long ago
That during fullmoon time
The count of vampires rises again
In the dark forlorn castle.
And awoken by the moonlight
He calls up vampires
With wolves howling
To a new blood celebration,
From the vault, were he’s been
Resting for years.
On hearing this, his servants
Hurry into the castle.
And to have a feast they
Carry live people.
And pour blood in the cups,
It flares up like a flame…
I would like to have a drink
Of human blood at this ball…


We bow to you first, Rod, and sing
for your great glory. We praise you,
The father of all human generations,
mighty Svarog. You are eternal and
never freezing source, and he,
drinks your water, lives until getting
on your eternal meadows. We sign you
song, Sviatovid, cause you’re the
light, which we seen the world
through. You hold the sun and stars
strongly, and give us Yav, and save
from Nav. We bow to you, Perun –
The Thunderer, that you don’t cease
to turn life wheel and lead us by the
way of truth to the battle and funeral
feast above those, who had given
their lives for faith and truth and go to
the eternal life, to Perun’s regiment.
Glory to you, honour and judge of
warriors, that you shot on our
enemies and save us from their arrows.
Glory to you, goldenhaired, gracious, truthful…

Son of Kelagast

On ancient Slavonic land
Among woods and swamps
His birth was prophesied by volhvs
He’s gonna lead the people
And grand duke was born in a dim forest
By valkiria-maiden
And rix Veselinov gave his son
Great name – Bozh
Hey, Slavs, let’s sacrifice to Perun
And rush into the fight again
Bozh will lead us to fight
Against cruel enemies
The troops of our native land brave sons
Ride under the flag of hate
We’re gonna bring back our ancient gods
In sacred groves of our great mother land
We are the warriors of winners race
We carry war to our enemies
And Bozh will lead us like our
Ancestors in bygone days.