In the Deep Dark Forests

In the Deep Dark Forest

In The Deep Dark Forest
Elders sit by the fire
They are praying for pagan deities
And saying the incantation:
Perun - great god of thunder
Dazhbog - great god of Sun
Chernobog - god of darkness
We're asking for your help for us!
Priests make sacrifice
And idols again in blood
Ancient pagan rituals
Open doors to other world
Svarog - great god of skyfire
Yarilo - god of fertility
Kharachun - god of death!
We're asking for you help for us!
Perun - great god of thunder,
Dazhbog - great god of Sun,
Chernobog - god of darkness,
Svarog - god of skyfire,
Yarilo - god of fertility,
Kharachun - god of death,
We're asking for your help for us,
We're asking for your help for us!

Замак Вампiрў

Даўнo iснуе ўжо паданне
Аб тым, што пры поўнай луне
У цёмным пакiнутым замку
Вампiраў князь зноў паўстае
Iз склепа дзе спiць ён вякамi
Абуджаны святлом Луны
Вампiраў заве воўчым воем
На новае свята крывi.
Пачуўшы той зо ў яго слугi
Спяшаюцца ў замак худшэй
I каб пiраваць на тым свяце
Прыносяць жывых людзей.
I кроў разлiваюць ва ў кубкi,
Яна, нiбы полымя, гарыць
Хацеў бы i я на тым бале
Крывi чалавечай iспiць…

  Ancestors Land

The dim woods, the snowy fields,
The deep lakes - it's my land!
The great warriors, the pagan rituals,
The ancient gods - ifs my land!
On my land I stand
And admire It's beauty
It's dim forests and It has dark
It has endless fields and It has snowy
It has transparent lakes and It has
deeply rives
It's a country of my ancestors'
It's my ancestors land!
Many years ago on that ancient land
Lived, fought and died great warriors
Clanged steel of swords and flew
blood of enemies
Many great battles took place in that
But my ancestors have never kneeled
And they always defeated their
Once upon a time there worshiped
great gods
For true ancient pagan deities
Altars again are standing in the
Now we again come unit with nature.
We again hear call of forests
Blood of ancestors is flowing in our
Their voices sounding in our brains
And we sharpen our swords
Great war has just began
We'll protect our ancient land!


Клянемся першаму табе, Род i
Пяем табе вялiкую славу ,
Хвалiм цябе , пачынальнiка ўсiх
Радоў чалавечых, магутны
Сварожа, ты – крынiца вечная, i,
Што п'е тваю ваду, жыве, пакуль
Не трапiць на твае лугi, Пяем
Песню цябе, Святавiдзе , бо ты
Ёсць святло скрозь якое мы
Бачым гэты сусвет, Ты трымаешь
Крэпка сонца i зоркi i даруеш Яў ,
А беражэш ад Навi. Клянемся
табе, Пяруне-Навальнiчнiк што не
кiдаеш круцiць ты кола жыцця i
вядзеш нас сцежкаю праўды да
бранi i ад трызны па тым што
аддаў жывот свой за веру i праўду
I iдзе да вечнага жыцця , палка
Пярунова. Слава табе, чэсць i суд
вояў , што страляеш па ворагах
нашых i адводзiш ад нас iхнiя стрэлы,
слава табе, златарунны,
мiласцiвы i праўдзiвы!

Barbaric hordes from North (mp3)

From the clatter of hooves of our
battle horses
Trembles and shakes all our Earth,
And thousands of arrows, which
covered the sun
For enemies carry death.
And beings ready to conquire or
die in the fight
We're gonna seize all world
Brave and ruthless, proud and wild,
Barbaric hordes from North.
Our swords are sharpened
Our spears are strong
And nothings gonna save the enemies
We're gonna make the greatest feast
On their broken bones
And drink their blood as a wine.
Wild march has begun and quite soon
We'll bring to the knees all that world
Great and evil, true and strong
Barbaric hordes from North.

Endless winter

Cold wind is singing a song to me
About a great snowy land
It revealed me saga about a fairy
On that huge Earth
I often dream magic dreams of that
By winter enchanted land
And I wanna tell this tale about
The snowy land of the endless winter.
Obeying to the ancient gods' pledge
The snows this land throughout for
And in rivers, late and seas beneath
the ice
Flows blue water no more.
Mountains and woods, fields and
Within endless winter's power the
whole world sleeps
Eternal fairy dream.
Every thing а round keeps silent, no
sound is heared
Every single thing is bound by magic
Now and then wolves howling break's
that silence
And at once dies down into the night
Every thing is white throughout, and
there's no life
Which used to be, seen beneath snow
But the bright sun hot arrow will
Never melt the snow.
Nothem wizards covered all skies
Through with huge magic black coat
And at the sun dungeon guard stands
Faithful guardsman with sword
Black ravens fly over land
And search for prey among the snows
No one will ever save this land from
Eternal sparkling snowy fetters
And every thing's gonna remain as
Throigh years pass by swifly
Fly with me into that nameless land
Where eternal darkness will rule forever!

Сын Келагаста (mp3)

  На старажытняй славянскай зямлi
Сярод лясоў i балот
Яго нараджэння валхывы прадраклi
Ён павядзе народ
I дзевай-валькiрыяй у цёмным бары
Народжан вялiкi ккнязь
I рыкс Весялiнаў даў сыну свайму
Магутнае iмя – Бож.
Гэй, славяне, ахвяру Пяруну
Прынясем i рынемся зноў у бой
На бiтву супраць ворага ў лютых
Нас павядзе Бож за сабой.
Пад сцягам нянавiсцi скочуць дружыны
Адважнай зямлi нашай роднай сыноў
На капiшчы наша вялiкай Айчыны
Мы вернем сваiх старажытных
Багоў !
Мы – войны расы магутных
Пераможцаў ,
На воргаў нашых iдзем мы вайной
I як нашы продкi у былыя часiны
Нас павядзе Бож за сабой!

Woodchild (mp3)

I'm blackraven
I'm a woodchild
I'm bird of gods
I'm a wild warrior
I'm an ancient spirit
Spirit of ancestors
Wind in your hair
And I fly to you
I'm darkness
I'm sorrow
I'm a cry
I'm a call
I'm a voice
The voice of times
Your lost wisdom
And I fly to you
I am you
I'm your freedom
I'm your belief
I'm your true way
Way in the darkside
Road in the eternity
And you fly with me